We are always looking for bright and colourful clothing for the little ones , I also love bright and bold clothing for myself. Unusual designs also catch my eye , I love something a bit different as a lot of the high street stores can be quite samey.  I was so excited to be asked to review some meandi clothing for myself and the ankle biters. I had never heard of meandi before and I’m so glad we have now discovered it.

meandI are a Swedish clothing company that sell women’s, baby and children’s clothes. Their clothing is sustainably and ethically produced. I love the unique designs they have and they immediately caught my eye.  They also have a sales scheme which allows you to start your own business with an upfront fee of £100 which can help you earn money in your own time by hosting parties and events.

We chose the retro flowers dress for me priced at £49 , the retro flowers tunic for Frankie priced at £30 , and two t-shirts for Archie the police car design priced at £20 and the aeroplanes design priced at £20. These were the prices at the time I was sent them but there is now 50% off over at the meandi website. I love the fact that they have some matching pieces for Mummy and little ones.

Police cars t-shirt

Retro flowers dress and tunic 

Aeroplane t-shirt

I was so impressed at the quality of the clothing when it arrived. The material was light but made of material you just know is going to last. The sizes were also spot on , I was a bit worried I may have got the children’s sizes wrong as they are in cm’s but the conversion chart is fab and really true to size. The clothing is made with flexible material and not restrictive so is lovely and comfy to play in.

I can also confirm that they did wash well when following the instructions label and have kept their bright and vibrant colour. I’m so impressed I’m off to have a spending spree in the sale.

We were sent  a selection of meandi clothing in return for an honest review , all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Thoughts, Comments?

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