Archie and Frankie love surprise element toys , I have spoken about this before they get so excited to see what is hidden in the box. When we were asked to review crate creatures I just knew they would love this.

Crate creatures surprise KaBOOM box

These are such a fab surprise toy , the crate creature comes in a box , you have to push the plunger to detonate your KaBOOM Box and watch the Crate Creature explode out of its crate. My two were in hysterics doing this , they really did love it and think it was so funny.

Each Crate Creature features a body and five body parts to assemble and mix and match any way you want to create a really gruesome monster. You also attach each part to unlock different funny sounds and gross noises , Archie and Frankie really loved the sounds , they love anything like this and all they did was giggle and howl with laughter , it was so fun to watch.

You can also customise your Crate Creature by mixing and matching body parts with other characters for even more fun. Each box includes  a Crate Creature with 2 detachable arms, 2 legs and 1 headpiece. These are suitable for age Range 4 plus. These retail at around £24.99. I think these also make a great alternative Easter gift.

Crate Creatures Bashers 

These are another great surprise toy from the range , Archie and Frankie really are obsessed with them from the minute they saw them on a TV advert.

The crate Creatures Surprise Bashers make gross sounds when you pull their tongues, launch them through the air, and bash them into targets. The little guys had so much fun doing this and again loads of laughter!

You break into the crate to unbox your Basher and reveal their target. The creatures come ready to fling at the scoreboard, they make gross noises as they thrown through the air. You can pull your Basher’s tongue and pull back their body to launch them like a rubber band – Archie thought this was amazing.

You shoot for the highest score, crashing, bashing and smashing your Crate Creatures to get them to make even more gross noises. This is a great game to play with friends as you can see who gets the best target.  There are 12 characters to collect , they are from age 4 plus and retail at around £9.99.

Barf Buddies 

These crate Creatures are the slimy version , which made the little guys love them even more as they love slime.  You load up the Barf Buddies’ mouths with colourful slime – Archie and Frankie loved the idea of this and thought is was so funny. You then have to pull on the Buddy’s tail, and the slime will ooze and fly straight out of his mouth ! Gross I know but they loved it. The surprise element is 3 mystery Puke Pals hiding in every slime pod. For ages 3 years and over and these retail at around £8.99 , there are 6 creatures to collect.

These crate creatures were so gross , but with my two the grosser the better !! They had so much fun with these and the laughter coming from the room was amazing !

*We were gifted these crate creatures for the purpose of this review , all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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