James and I are forever wrestling the remote from the ankle biters and stopping them changing the channel , buying on demand movies or deleting our programmes. What is it about the remote that they love ? From an early age that’s what they have loved to play with. We have even bought toy remotes but they were thrown aside in favour of the TalkTalk remote.

We were so excited to have been asked to review the new Talk Talk kids TV remote. The first of its kind TV remote offers little ones more control over the content they want to watch and gives them instant access to a new Kids Zone on TalkTalk TV.  Not only does this safe viewing zone make it easier for young children to scroll through the shows they love, it also makes it impossible for them to return to normal channels, or recordings, without adult supervision.

Key features of TalkTalk Kids TV remote and Kids Zone:

  • The Kids TV remote works completely independently of the main TV remote and once pressed, automatically takes children inside the Kids Zone
  • Once inside the Kids Zone, children are not able to return to main TV channels, nor access catch-up TV or recordings without a grown-up present to enter a code
  • Within the Kids Zone, grown-ups can choose to hide certain shows / series, as well as set bedtimes for when the TV will go to sleep
  • An animation will appear on screen giving children advance warning that is nearly bedtime
  • Parents are also able to review data such as the hours of TV viewed and which shows their child watches most
  • The remote control has numerous built-in sensors, meaning it will work no matter how the child is holding it

Bedtime setting – 

  • Defined Viewing Hours and Bedtime Setting , viewing hours can be set up for the Kids Zone which includes a bedtime setting
    • Five minutes before bedtime a ‘sleepy head’ icon will appear on screen with a countdown to prepare children that the TV is going to sleep
    • The bedtime setting takes into consideration time left on the episode being watched to either stretch the five minutes or shorten, ensuring the programme can finish to avoid any upset
    • The bedtime setting can also be activated at any time to help prep children for naps or regular bedtime can be cancelled if kids need to be kept up later than usual via the main TV remote
    • By setting viewing hours the Kids Zone will remain ‘asleep’ outside of these. So if a child finds their way to the TV set outside of hours and presses the TalkTalk Kids TV Remote, only the bedtime screen will show to let the child know that the TV has gone to sleep

The remote is priced at £5 and you need to have the Talk Talk kids boost for it to work , batteries are included too.

The kids remote has been a big hit here ! Archie and Frankie have loved having their own remote. We have also had piece of mind knowing they could only get access to kids zone. The remote was really easy to use and navigate for Archie ,  he worked out how to use it after 10 minutes. We used the settings to delete certain programme options  that we know they don’t watch so they now have all their favourites displayed.

We have used the bedtime setting too to shut it off at 6.30pm as they watch TV for half an hour or so after tea time. They have loved having the responsibility of choosing their own programmes. The menu options are really easy to use and clear enough to understand if they click on a certain character then episodes will come up for them to choose.

I would definitely recommend this for anyone with TalkTalk and little ones it’s been such a fab addition to TV treat time for the ankle biters.

We were sent the TalkTalk remote in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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