I am always looking for healthy treats instead of sweets and chocolate for the ankle biters. I love things that look like sweets but are actually fruit , makes me feel less mean about not giving them sweeties. I was so happy to be asked to review the Fruitickles range by Bon Bon Buddies as I had never heard of these before and love finding out about new brands.

Fruitickles are a healthier alternative to sweets. They are fruit shaped treats made with 100% fruit. There’s no added sugar, no artificial sugar, no artificial colours & no gelatine. They are both Vegetarian and Vegan friendly. I love that they are based on favourite Disney characters too. We had a selection sent to us including Disney Cars , Frozen , Disney princess and Spider-Man. The little ones were over the moon with them.

There is a fab range too not just packets of the fruit gums but surprise bags , surprise eggs ,  multipacks of the little fruit bags and individual bags too . The surprise bags were fab for a treat and we have used them with Frankie for her potty training when she has a successful day with the potty we have given her a surprise bag or egg.

Individual packs 


Surprise eggs 

Surprise bags 

Archie is learning at such a fast pace at the moment and really in to his learning books , I have given him the surprise bag or egg when he has completed a topic in his book. They love getting these so much and I love that they are healthy but a really good treat. The multipack was fab to throw in the changing bag to have some healthy snacks at hand when out and about.

The surprise bags or eggs also make a fab party bag treat or you could just give the bags as a party bag as they come with a little sticky figure , collectable disc , stickers , activity book and stickers. also fab for keeping them entertained on a long journey or a rainy day. These two loved seeing what was in the bag or egg.

Surprise bag contents 

The little ones loved the taste of the gums I tasted them too and they are lovely and fruity , I think they are great for a snack for myself too. We will definitely be buying some more of these , they are available at Sainsburys to buy.

Thoughts, Comments?

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