I have recently become an ambassador for Magic Fairy Wings. They are an online business selling craft materials , toys , children’s dress up , outdoor clothing and hair/fashion accessories. As part of our role we will be reviewing some goods from the site each month over the next few months.

We have recently been learning the alphabet,  both tots have been doing it for a while but we are now going more in-depth with it. I love the idea of fridge magnet letters but always worry as the magnets are small that are attached to the back.

I decided to choose the Melissa and Doug magnetic wooden letters this month  , these retail at £9.99. These are fab as each letter is a whole magnet there are no little magnets attached. They are a lovely bright colour and wooden so really sturdy. They also come with lower and upper case.

We have had so much fun with the letters. We are trying to teach them to put the letters in order. Archie is three so he is able to do this with the first few. Frankie being two she is trying but she is happily singing her ABC song. Archie is also learning to spell his name out so these are fab for getting him to do that and put the letters in the right order. Every time they come out to the kitchen they go straight to the fridge which is fab. They have been a big hit here.


There are loads of other educational toys and much more over at the magic fairy wings website , they also have a fab Facebook page. You can also find them on twitter.




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