We are so excited for Christmas this year as it will be the first one with the little ones that we are staying home for Christmas dinner and not going out to my Mum and Dad’s. It will actually be my first Christmas dinner away from them since I was born! I am really looking forward to making this one magical for everyone. I have taken my first step towards that by being gifted the most gorgeous Christmas ornament from Betsy Benn. One of our Christmas traditions is to get a new decoration for the tree every year so this was perfect.

Other Christmas traditions we have include-

1st day of advent special breakfast 

I try to make this such an exciting and fun event I buy some Christmas themed paper plates , cups and a tablecloth and dress the table up. I also place their advent calendars by their seat. We have a special Elf breakfast of pancakes , eggs and sausages and we play some Christmas music.  We explain what advent is and how Santa will now be watching them up until Christmas to see if they are behaving. I also change their bedding to christmas themed bedding and they really get excited about this.

Choosing the Christmas tree 

This is a new tradition we are starting this year , now the ankle biters are a bit older and can be trusted not to eat a real tree. We are going to go to a Christmas tree farm nearby and choose one together then come home and decorate whilst playing Christmas tunes.

Christmas eve box

We all have a Christmas eve box with new PJ’s , slippers and a christmas DVD and book. The little ones have some special Christmas chocolates and so do Mummy and Daddy. They also have a Christmas teddy to take to bed that night and their stocking to hang on the bed. We all get in to our new PJ’s and watch the DVD – we do this mid afternoon to time it for bedtime not being too late.

I asked some other parent bloggers what their traditions were and they have given me some fabulous ideas to add.

Jenna from then there were three said : Xmas eve box! I’ve bought a new one now and can’t wait to get started with it

Chloe from life unexpected said : I love finding out new Christmas traditions! She shared a link to her blog detailing her traditions here.

Kelly from Kelly Allen Writer said : Stockings with lovely simple things inside such as clementine’s, lychee and selection boxes plus the odd little toy. Also some sort of advent, we change it every year but last year went down really well. We decorated a wooden Hobbycraft one and popped things inside each door, as well as use raffle tickets for bigger gifts. It helped space out gifts and we used a lot put aside for Christmas too so Christmas wasn’t so overwhelming!

Pete from household money saving said: Stockings first thing in the morning. Then breakfast and opening presents. We have lunch with family and watch TV or a film in the afternoon. The kids all then get one last present in the evening when we have tea.

Kim from  Raising a Ragamuffin said :Every year we each choose a new tree decoration from a Christmas market.

Emma from they grow so quick said : We visit the German market in Leeds every year and pick a new decoration from one of the stalls. This year will be our 7th time.

Laura from The Waitress, The Chef & Our Brood  said: We see my parents on Christmas Eve and the girls get their presents then. When I was little Christmas eve was spent at my Granddad’s house with all the family, but sadly he passed away 3.5 years ago.

Donna from Bobsy’s Mum said : On the first Saturday in December, The Boy writes his Christmas list. We leave it out with some wine and a mince-pie, for our elf. Philip. Every household has an elf correspondent. Philip is ours. Me and Philip then keep in touch until the big day. We put out tree up that day too.

Emma from Our Fairytale Adventure said: We always have a Christmas Eve buffet in front of a Christmas movie. I also make sure everyone has a chocolate orange in their stocking so we all eat one for our Christmas Day breakfast.

Kelly from the best version of kelly  said :Always take a turn each opening a present, oldest to youngest and make sure everyone has a gift for the last go round!

Nyomi from nomipalony said: We make a huge fuss of ‘Christmas tree day’. The day we put up the tree we get treats and blast Christmas music (including the Doris Day Christmas album), put all the decorations up together and when it’s all done, we cosy up together and watch the Polar Express for the first time of the year with hot chocolates. We also do ‘Christmas eve boxes’ this day, so we can enjoy things like Christmas toys, books etc for the whole of December instead of just a few days.

Natalie from Mum worthy said: Well here’s the thing it’s my first year alone with my little boy so we’re so excited to start new traditions this year. I love the idea of matching Xmas pjs to wear on Xmas eve and an afternoon walk on Xmas day.

Becka from Mummy est 2014 said: We have Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve with my family so we can enjoy junk food, selection boxes and treats on Christmas Day (and so no one ends up stuck in the kitchen). I love it as it’s time spent all together and is the start of Christmas celebrations.

Sally from motherand3sons said : We always go out to a local pub for lunch on Xmas eve followed by the Christmas Eve family church service and then we go home and all of get into our new Christmas pyjamas and watch a movie ready to wake up on Christmas morning on our lovely new night wear. We also have a traditional of each choosing a new tree decoration each year. And Ernest the Elf visits on the 1st December and every day he delivers a hand written letter from Santa that is. Personalised to the boys (friends, school, fav tv, foods etc) Nanny does this for their advent and they also get a sweet treat every day. Christmas morning it’s always Bucks Fizz for breakfast. The letters to Santa get sent up the chimney ….. gosh there’s so many when you think about it isn’t there!

I love all of these ideas and traditions , lots of fun and things to try for a memorable Christmas.

As you can see our decoration from Betsy Benn was just gorgeous you can see their full range here. The decoration is so well made from high quality wood and the personalisation is perfect engraved. I love the ribbon it’s so pretty and also amazing quality. I can’t wait to hang this on the tree it’s really going to stand out.

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*We were gifted this decoration in return for an honest review – all thoughts and opinions are my own.






























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