We have a good collection of wooden toys and they have always been a winner with Archie and Frankie. We were sent some lovely bits from Hape which encourage role play too which is always appreciated in this house.

I think it is vital to a child’s development to play and engage in roll play , it allows them to stretch their imagination massively and also learn at the same time. Even with games like shop we have started to bring math in to it with the adding and subtracting and also quarters and halves with the play food. The little ones have loads of fun and invent new games all whilst they are learning.

My top picks from Hape are –

Hape coffee maker 

This is going to be a the best addition to our kitchen as the little ones are always pretending to make me coffee with their pretend kettle. The set comes with the coffee makes , cup , milk carton , coffee pod , sugar and spoon. This will really get the hand / eye coordination going and also the imagination. The coffee maker is suitable from age 3 and priced at £22.80. Definitely a great alternative to the conventional single-serve models

Hape chef’s apron set 

This set is just adorable and great to use with the toy kitchen and play food we already have. The set includes a brightly coloured apron, oven glove and chef’s hat. The set will be sure to bring in that element of role play and get the little ones using their imagination. The set is suitable for children aged three and above and priced at £15.99. 

Hape battery powered rolling – stock set 

Archie is a huge wooden railway fan and he loves the battery powered trains , he spends hours playing with them and really gets his imagination going which is great. I love how bright and colourful the  rolling-stock set is. The battery powered engine to pullls the stock along the track.

I love how the connections from the stock carriages really move and wobble along the track. The set actually really helps to develop hand-eye coordination. I think this is such a great addition to any wooden railway set. This is suitable from age 3 and priced at £19.99. 

Hape propeller engine 

This is another fab addition to a wooden railway the propeller allows you to select forward or reverse gear using the switches on the engine. When going forward the propeller spins and makes a roaring. When the propeller is in reverse it spins and a warning sound can be heard. You can also use the propeller without the battery and just run it along the track by hand. This is suitable from age 3 and priced at £18.99. 

*We were sent all items within this post for the purpose of this review , all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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