We are big Sylvanian families fans here , we have many toys that we have bought and also had handed down by older family members. Both Archie and Frankie love them and enjoy using their imagination to play , I do too as they bring back so many childhood memories.

We were so excited to be sent the Seaside Ice Cream Shop and the Chocolate Rabbit family. This is such a gorgeous set for summer with the ice cream theme.  The Seaside Ice Cream shop was just fab and included little ice cream cones , scoops of ice cream , scoops and bowls . It also had an ice cream counter and a little table and stools. The ankle biters loved the role play aspect and decided that the Chocolate Rabbit family were on holiday at the beach ,  visiting the ice cream shop. The shop also comes with an extra figure striped cat mother.

The little ice creams were so cute and they loved choosing the flavours and scooping them on to the cones. I love the attention to detail with Sylvanian families it’s amazing. The quality is also fantastic.

The Chocolate Rabbit family is a great addition to the other families we have. Frankie says they are her favourite and has taken one of them to bed with her every night since she had the set. The first thing she does in the morning is play with her Sylvanian family toys.

Watching them play and use their imaginations has been lovely ,the accessories that come with the ice cream shop really add to the way they use their imaginations.

They will happily play for hours on end with their Sylvanian collection , this means that sometimes Mummy can get some cleaning done or grab a hot cuppa and watch the magic unfold with their imaginations. They really are such a good choice of toy for both genders. They are also timeless toys and will last for years to come , a lot of our collection has been passed down to us and is still being enjoyed.

The Seaside Ice Cream Shop retails at around £40.00 and the Chocolate Rabbit family at around £18.99. Check their website for the rest of the collection.

Thoughts, Comments?

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