Coming out of a pretty bad year and starting a new one might make you think about how you can have a better 2021. One of the best ways of starting a new year is to think about your surroundings and how you can improve them:

  • Remove Clutter
  • Add Some Wallpaper
  • Rescue Some Furniture

As we fast approach spring 2021, it really isn’t too early to be thinking about the annual spring clean and what plans you have for the rest of the year going forward.

Don’t Need It, Get Rid of It

One of the worst things for bringing down the ambiance of a home is all the stuff we don’t need. 

Marie Kondo shot to fame with her sage advice on the effects of decluttering your home and while nobody is suggesting your home should be as immaculate as an apartment from Pegasi Management Company, getting rid of a few items can make a huge difference.

Decluttering isn’t as simple as just throwing stuff away. Some things might have sentimental value even if there’s no monetary value, so you really need to think about what you throw away. That being said, we sometimes hold on to items that we really don’t need and should be thrown away. If something does hold sentimental value then perhaps store it away in a special memory box rather than have it strewn around the living room.

Marie Kondo herself recommends removing anything that doesn’t add any value in terms of making you feel joy. While that might be great advice, some things you might just need, but most things you won’t.

It isn’t advised to just throw everything out in one go. The best thing to do is to look around your living area and make a list of what you need and what you don’t. Then you can start to gradually remove one thing per day that is on your list. This doesn’t just apply to objects in your home and can be applied to clothing as well. Most people have far too many clothes and there are apps, sites and stores that will pay good money for materials.

Guess What’s Making a Comeback

Wallpaper is said to be making a comeback in 2021 after years of neutral-toned paint. This is said to be partly due to the drab and miserable year we have had thanks to Covid-19 which is also expected to contribute to our decorating style in the new year.

Natural and earthy tones are expected to make an appearance for the next few years with natural print wallpaper being tipped as the most preferred for 2021. This is probably because most of us have been in self-isolation and might not have been able to get outside as much as we like.

But wallpaper is an amazing tool for adding style to any room anyway, and when used properly, can really perk up a space. This is because of the beautiful prints and patterns that can be applied to wallpaper that, unless you are a talented artist, would be impossible to do with paint.

Just be sure to consult a style guide or a decorating website before throwing up just any old pattern. Wallpapering should be done properly or you risk ruining the room.

One Person’s Trash…

Over the past few years, restoration has become a major pastime for many people all over the world. The act of breathing new life into a discarded piece of furniture is not only satisfying but once mastered means that nothing will ever become useless to you again.

This technique can be applied to antiques and older items such as tables, chairs, dressers and even toys. However, this is a more skilled job and you will want to do some research before beginning a project.

The reason for this is that many people make beginner mistakes when restoring things like using the wrong polish on a bronze bust for example, which might completely ruin the piece, or applying an abrasive varnish to a wooden chair.

Upcycling, as it is known, is an alternative approach and one that has been all over the TV since around 2008 when many of us were in financial difficulty. This is similar to restoration but applies creative uses to old items.

For example, you could take an old whiskey barrel, sand it, polish it and add a rounded glass tabletop inside the natural lips of the bevel. Another example might be to take some old cheese graters to use as hanging lamp shades after painting them in a retro brass color. 

*Collaborative post


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