Having a dog is so rewarding and it’s a great way to teach kids about responsibility. It’s great for your health as well because it encourages you to get out and about when walking your dog. But did you know that having a dog could be financially rewarding as well? Most people don’t really think about the ways that they could make money from their love of dogs but if you are looking for a way to make a bit of money on the side. These are the best ways that you can make some money from your love of dogs. 



Dog Boarding 


When people are going away on holiday, they need somebody to look after their dogs. If they can’t find a family member or friend to do it for them, they’ll need to pay somebody, which is where you come in. There are a lot of kennels where people can put their dogs but some people would prefer to leave them at a home setting where they might be more comfortable. You can earn some good money if you are willing to open your home up to some other dogs. There are already some companies out there that offer these services and you can buy into a pet franchise, which makes it a lot easier to find clients to begin with. If you are going to bring other dogs into your home, it’s important that your own dogs are comfortable around them, so test the waters first before you commit. 


Dog Walking 


If you don’t want to commit to having other dogs stay with you but you don’t mind caring for other people’s pets from time to time, you should consider dog walking services. If people are working long hours or they are going away for a day or two, they may just need somebody to pop round and walk the dog each day. If you are around during the day and you have time to spare, it’s a great way to earn a little extra money. You can take other people’s dogs while you are walking your own so it shouldn’t affect your schedule too much. Just make sure to use a good quality dog lead and keep the dogs on it at all times, so you don’t risk losing somebody else’s dog. 


Pet Grooming 


Most people take their pets to a groomer or have somebody come to the house to give their dog a trim. But if you do it yourself and you have mastered the art of cutting them, why not charge others for the same service? It’s a simple business to get started because you will only need a few basic grooming tools and a car. Once you start getting some more regular clients, you can start thinking about expanding your new business. You could even combine your grooming service with a dog sitting service as well. 


If you’re a dog lover and you’re looking for a way to earn some money on the side, these are all great ways to do it. 

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