4 Things You Should Consider When Buying A New Washing Machine

Washing machines aren’t the type of appliance that people much have general knowledge about, so if you’ve found yourself in a position where you need a new one, you might not have a clue about where to start.

When buying a new version of anything, your priority is that it’s good value for money and lasts long. So how do you know that you’re getting the best deal with your new washing machine? If your head’s in a spin just thinking about all the options out there, then here are 4 things you should consider when getting a new washing machine:

1. Size, Loading And Capacity
Measuring is a job that nobody likes doing, but it’s important that you properly measure the height and width in the space that your new washing machine will be going so you know what size to look for. Most washing machines start at 59 cm wide and around 85 cm tall, and make sure you add on a few extra centimetres for clearance on each side.
The capacity of the machine can also be referred to in terms of drum size, and will tell you how much laundry you can fit into one wash. Most washing machines have a capacity of around 5 kg to 12 kg, which should be fine for a standard household.

2. Programmes
The programmes on your washing machine refer to the type of material you’re wanting to wash. This can be cotton, wool, synthetics, delicates and options for a quick wash. Your machine should also give you the option to change the temperature from hot to cold.
Generally speaking, the more expensive machines will be more advanced, giving you a bigger variety of wash settings.

3. Installation And Removal
If you don’t want to install your washing machine yourself, then look for a retailer who will do it for you. Most will only charge an extra £20 or £30 to the overall cost, though if your washing machine if going to be integrated, then installation is likely to cost more.
If you install the machine yourself, then you may want to check that everything is how it should be. Companies like Electrical Safety Certificate offer Installation Condition Reports in properties throughout London and Essex, and since they only use qualified electricians, you can rely on them to get the job done properly.

Faulty or incorrectly installed washing machines have the potential to cause house fires, so by getting a qualified electrician to carry out a Electrical Installation Condition Report, you’re ensuring that your washing machine is good to go.

4. Energy Efficiency
Whether you’re looking to save money or have a positive impact on the planet, energy efficient washing machines promise to do both of those things. All washing machines have an energy rating of A up to A+++. Higher rated machines use less energy and water, and while they may be more costly to buy initially, they will save you money in the long run.

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