Searching for that perfect family home is an exciting process. It’s also likely to be a challenging process, as the right home will need to fit the unique needs of you and your family. Here are the five main factors you should look for in your next home to find the perfect fit for your growing family. 

Ample garden space

Outdoor play is important for children’s development and encourages them to be physically active. While you can go on family walks and outings together, having your own garden space gives the children a place to run around and play without needing continuous adult supervision. You can rest easy knowing they’re only steps away, and they’ll have the opportunity to burn off some energy. 

To find the home that meets your garden space needs, use for-sale’s search feature. Not only will this resource give you an idea about what is available in your area, but it will also help you calculate how much your ideal garden will cost. 

Family-oriented neighbourhood

Family-oriented neighbourhoods come with plenty of advantages. Crime rates are often low, and with many parents in the area, there will always be someone watching to make sure nothing out of the ordinary is occurring. 

These neighbourhoods are more likely to have amenities for children, such as parks and playgrounds. With lots of children in the area, your own kids will have lots of opportunities to make friends. Having lots of children around means there will always be fun, memory-making events. Host a garden jack-o-lantern party to make halloween special, and other parents are sure to take turns hosting similar events. 

Proximity to schools

One of the top factors parents look for when deciding where to raise their children is the proximity to schools. If the school is close enough, your children will be able to walk there themselves when old enough. 

It’s also a good idea to consider the reputation and the offerings of the school itself. Proximity is great, but if the school itself isn’t the right fit, your children won’t thrive. If you plan on being in your new home long-term, you’ll need to look forward and consider the secondary school options in that area as well. 

Extra bedrooms

Regardless of whether you plan to have more children in the future, if you’re looking for a place to set down roots, it’s a good idea to find a place that has at least one more bedroom than you currently need. Even if you don’t have more children, having a place that the grandparents can stay when they come to visit is a nice touch.

Spare rooms can also become craft rooms or storage rooms. As your family grows, so too will your possessions. You’ll be glad you chose the home with the extra space. 

Neighbourhood safety

A safe neighbourhood is one in which people are well connected to each other. Signs that people like to socialize and engage in their community include postings about community events, busy shopping streets with lots of local businesses, and a generally clean and tidy appearance. 

While no place can ever be truly crime-free, signs that people are invested in their homes and each other mean that people will always be willing to work towards ensuring and improving the safety of the neighbourhood. 

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