I’m always looking for ways to save money at home and help us save for a rainy day , holidays or home improvements. It’s hard when you have a family and children as they always seem to need something , but it is so rewarding when you do save up for something. I tend to stick to these five money saving tips to help –

Switch to budget supermarkets

Being a family of four and cooking most meals from scratch we tend to spend a lot on food. Before saving we didn’t have a set supermarket and we would just shop where the mood would take us. We decided to fully switch to budget priced supermarkets like Lidl and Aldi and go for more own brand products. This helped us save at least £50 plus a week.

Go on more free days out

This has been a huge help to us as we have saved so much money doing this. Instead of paying entry fees to places we have chosen forest , beach and mountain adventures. We either take a picnic or in the colder months the camp stove so we can have a hot meal. We have also all really enjoyed this and got plenty of fresh air and freedom.

Cut down on eating out

We used to spend large amounts on going out for lunch or dinner and this taught us to cut down dramatically and only eat out once a month for a treat. I started cooking Chinese or Indian meals at home and have even bought the little deliver trays , the little ones love it and it costs a fraction of the price. Also I have started taking packed lunches out and about as that saves so much on buying lunch whilst out.

Recycle old clothes / items on selling sites  

As you can imagine with two little ones we have just masses of stuff! This was a fab chance to have a de-clutter and make some money by selling items on selling sites and car boot sales. It felt good to have a de-clutter and make some money from it.

Save small amounts of money each week

I find saving small amounts of money each week really helps and adds up to save for things like spending money for holidays or for home improvements. I have a savings jar and will add the loose change from my purse every time it builds up or some weeks will save £10 etc. I have also written about ways to save money online in the past , there are so many ways you can save money online.

It can at time be so hard to save and emergencies beyond our control happen , it’s always good to have some money set aside. Sometimes no matter how much you save you need a little help and small loans can be helpful as long as they are taken on responsibly and paid back on time.

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