Christmas might be all about bottomless glasses of Baileys, Michael Bublé’s album, mince pies, and such things, but it can still be particularly stressful especially when you realise that it can be an incredibly expensive time of the year when you add it all up.

Having said that Christmas does not always have to be expensive. It is possible to avoid spending too much money on the less important parts of this festive season and here are 7  ways you can do just that.

1. Online Purchases

The truth is that everyone loves Christmas displays and the feeling of being in a department store in December, but it is impossible to deny that whatever you are shopping for is probably available online for less. You can try shopping on Depop for clothes, Amazon for books and All Beauty for perfume since these websites offer the same products available in physical stores but at cheaper prices.

2. Avoid Being a Snob

It is not bad to take pride buying presents for loved ones but you should not feel like you will be judged entirely on the price tag of your gifts. The best presents sometimes are the thoughtful homemade things that remind you of one another.

3. Put Your Loyalty Cards to Good Use

It might seem obvious but it still an important point. After all, what is the point of having a loyalty card (Sainsbury’s Nectar/Tesco Clubcard/ Boots Advantage) if you never claim the points that you save? Save it all year and by the time Christmas kicks in you will have a decent amount of cash to spend or you can even convert it into vouchers for spending at the specific store.

4. Stop Overbuying Food

A turkey sandwich might be great for Boxing Day but it is possible to buy too much Christmas food. Check out Love Food Hate Waste since it will help you get ideal portion sizes and less food will go to waste which is good for your pocket as well as the environment.

5. Get Organised

Prepare a list of all the people you would like to buy gifts for and exactly what you want to get them since it will help you avoid the crazy rush the week prior to Christmas picking up everything and anything from the store shelves. It will also help you spend less since you won’t feel the need to get presents for people that you had not originally intended at the last minute.

6. Use Freebie Websites and Voucher Codes

Christmas comes with endless socialising, endless money leaving your pocket, and endless shopping, which is why it is a good idea to scour the web or sign up to several voucher sites before you agree to evenings out or buying any gifts. is an excellent resource for freebies, vouchers on brands and dinner and often has exclusive deals unavailable elsewhere.

7. Do Your Shopping Now

It might seem early to start doing your Christmas shopping but buying several things every week between now and the actual shopping season, will help keep you on top of your finances and keep a track of what you are spending.

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