Beauty Tips – Women Over 40

It may be true what they say about age being nothing but a number, but it’s a number that brings wrinkles and bags and tired looking skin if we’re not careful. There’s another saying that should go hand in hand with the age being nothing but a number quote: prevention is a thousand times better than cure. Of course, it’s actually never too late to pull out our A-game in self-care and start doing all the things we should have been doing for years. Like getting enough sleep for one thing. And drinking water. Exercise is good, too. Indulgent fatty foods and too much wine … isn’t so good. So, let’s start looking at the positives. You’re still here. Being over 40 isn’t a death sentence. With any luck, you’re not even middle aged yet. That’s a lot of years to look forward to. And it’s also a lot of saggy dry looking skin to look forward to if we don’t pull our fingers out. Time to discover some hot beauty tips for women over 40.

Hair that looks alive

First thing’s first. You wouldn’t plant seeds in a dried-up old bit of cracked muck. That’s exactly why you shouldn’t expect vibrant looking hair to grow in a dry and itchy scalp that’s more in danger of flaking into your morning tea than it is to sprout luscious tumbling locks of bouncy and vivacious hair. If you want to turn back the clock on your mane, start with the scalp. Try using a scalp cleanser that will deeply nourish the scalp and give your natural hair everything it needs to take root and grow strong.

Voluminous lashes – how many coats of mascara?

In the olden days of times gone by, women used to believe that makeup was for … how to put this … a certain kind of woman. The advice for young women was to pinch their cheeks, and not use any kind of powder to achieve that blushed look. Well, times change for a reason. And if you’re still applying only two coats of mascara to stop yourself looking like an eager teen who’s found her way into her mother’s makeup bag, you’re missing out. Lashes can look fuller and longer by applying up to five coats of mascara – but you’ll need to invest in a decent mascara to avoid clumping. And remember, wiggle that wand as you go for a full application. 

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