Having a baby is one of the most joyous things in the world, but it can be seriously frustrating when you can’t come up with the perfect name. You want to come up with a name you love, and that ‘suits’ them. You can’t always know if a name will suit them before the baby is born, and many people have their heart set on a name only to realize it isn’t right for the baby after birth! 

It’s usually best to have a list of names ready so you can find the right one once the baby is born. Below, you’ll find ideas to help you. 

Stay Away From Trends

Names like ‘Jaxon’ and ‘Jackson’ and even ‘Saxon’ might be the sort of names that are popular now, but name trends always change. You’ll probably feel better if you stay away from trends and go for something you believe is timeless. 

Consider The Initials 

What would your baby’s initials be? This is something many parents forget to think about. 

Say The Name Aloud A Lot 

Get used to the name by saying it out loud a lot. Give yourself time to get used to it. 

Look Into The Meaning Of A Name

The meaning of a name can be really interesting and help you to make a better choice. 
Ensure It’s Relatively Easy To Spell And Pronounce
Your child will no doubt get sick (even into adulthood) of telling people how to spell and pronounce their name. This can’t always be avoided, but try not to make it too difficult. Irish names are sometimes some of the most unusual to spell and pronounce – see below!

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