I love to travel to exotic destinations but exotic has had to take a back seat and has been swapped for UK staycations since the anklebiters came along. This is fine as we have had so many fun mini breaks with them. But I do long for exotic , warm and tropical climates. I have a bucket list of places I want to visit and it is ever growing.

My top four exotic destinations to travel to are – 


When you see the photos online and on Instagram it looks amazing. Long white sand beaches and clear blue water to swim and snorkel in. I would also like to go deep-sea diving. There is also a lot of hiking to be done and I would love to explore the waterfalls and rainforests. I like the fact you can also visit the village and busy markets and test a whole wealth of culinary dishes with French and Chinese influence. It seems like the most relaxing and chilled out holiday.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora literally looks like paradise to me , it is high up on my bucket list of exotic places to travel to. The best way to see the island would be via helicopter ride , it would be amazing to look down on the lagoons and watch the sunset. This would also be an amazing place to snorkel and try some deep sea diving. The have the most amazing over water bungalows to stay in which would just make the trip that little bit more magical.

It would be amazing to wander the busy Bangkok streets and take in the culture. Then on the other hand you can explore the jungle and relax on the beach. I like that you can have as much or as little adventure as you want. The food is a big draw for me too as Thai infusions are my favourite and I would love to try the street food. Again the snorkelling would be amazing here in the crystal waters.
I love the fact you can also go island hopping and with each island experience new sights and sounds. There are so many great holidays to explore to Thailand with Destination2.


The palm filled beaches attract me to Mexico and the chilled outlook on life. I love the idea of relaxing on the beach and sipping cocktails but then love the fact you can visit the hustle and bustle of Mexico city. I would immerse myself in the culture and traditions which look so interesting. Of course trying all of the Mexican cuisine would be super yummy too. The pyramids and volcanoes would also be calling me. Mexico has such a diverse range of activities / things to explore.

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