We often go to keepers pond near Blaenavon to feed the sheep. They are so confident and come up to the car as soon as you pull up looking for food. We decided to explore further so I thought I would write about it as it’s a lovely few hours out and you can even make a day of it.

We tend to take all the leftover vegetables we have and chop them up in to one big bag to feed the sheep. They love it and the littles love feeding them and get so excited. The sheep are not shy and come so close . Archie and Frankie are a bit weary at times but soon get used to it.

After feeding the sheep we decided to have an explore and started to walk around the pond. We took the left hand side path. We walked for a bit and looked at the pond then came to a little bridge and underneath was a shallow stream.

This was shallow and safe enough for the ankle biters to play in. We spent a good hour there just stream dipping and finding pebbles and throwing them back in the stream. A few sheep came to investigate and see what we were up to.

We then followed the path up the mountain , it’s not a difficult walk and good for little ones the view is spectacular and so pretty.

There are loads of open space to have a picnic or set up a camp stove if you wanted to make a day out of it.

At the end of the walk there is an ice cream van opposite the pond which is a lovely treat after all that walking.

Thoughts, Comments?

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