Helping Your Child Transition from Nursery to Big School

With the start of a new academic year just a couple of months away, many children will be moving up from nursery to big school. If that’s the case for your little one, you may be feeling a bit anxious, as it’s a big milestone and will come with various changes. Not only will there be lots of new people for them to meet, but their routine will also change, and they will have to become more independent. Fortunately, there are lots of thing you can do to help your child with the transition, as explored below by a private nursery in North London.

Take a Positive Approach

It’s normal for your child to feel nervous about starting school and it’s your job to reassure them that everything will be great. Try not to let them see that you are nervous too by using positive, uplifting terminology when referencing school and remind them of all of the wonderful experiences they will have. Remind them of how grown up they are as this well help them feel self-assured.

Visit the School

Take a few trips to their new school so they become familiar with the journey. If there’s a settling in session, make sure to get them booked in so that they can meet some of their new schoolmates and teachers. The more comfortable they are with their new surroundings before the first day, the easier it will feel when that day does roll around.

Practise the Routine

Encourage your child to practise putting on their new uniform so that it feels less challenging for them. You should also help them with their independence, like going to the toilet and washing their hands without your help, as this is something they will have to do when they start school.

Thoughts, Comments?

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