Why build a conventional home when you can have one that’s low cost and sustainable? Eco homes offer a bright future of low-cost, low impact living that makes contributing to the world’s zero-carbon efforts. Building an eco-home is not difficult either; find out how below. 

Make a tight budget 

Obviously, you need a budget for your green building project; this determines what you can buy, where you can build, and what sort of architect you can hire. Most people start out with a suitable budget, but it’s so easy to lose track. 

Spend plenty of time in the planning stage of your project to make sure you have all the basics covered. There’s a high chance you will go over budget even if you’re using the most affordable eco materials, so over-estimate your budget, but keep it tight.  

Find a non-standard mortgage 

Building an eco-home is becoming more popular ad sensible with every passing year; even so, it still isn’t the conventional way of building a home. A non-standard construction mortgage is one way you can take out a loan for a property that doesn’t use conventional material. 


Standard houses use brick and stone, and loans can be easily taken out to cover this type of project. However, eco homes usually build with recycled materials and materials with a low environmental impact like earth or bamboo, so a non-standard mortgage is a better idea. 

Find a green site 

Finding the right site for your new eco-home should be a priority since this will determine how successful your project is. It’s even more important if you’re building your home in the northern hemisphere because you need to think more about how it will be powered and heated. 

Ideally, you want a site that has excellent exposure to the sun and other elements. You need the sun to power much of your home, and rain will be useful for your water systems and drainage. Also, consider the distance of the site from urban centers and places of work. 

Hire a green architect 

The next thing you need is an experienced green architect at a good price. Don’t hire any architect for this project, source one that has built an eco-home or a sustainable home before. There are many considerations for eco homes that conventional architects might overlook. 

When you select your shortlist or architects, you can study their previous work to see how closely it fits your requirements and vision for the project. You can also ask them if their project were completed on budget. 

Use eco materials

Naturally, eco-materials are a top priority when building an eco-home. These materials tend to be recycled or reclaimed, so they have an extremely low carbon footprint. But the materials used might also be natural, sustainable, and biodegradable. 

It might seem risky to build an eco-home because they are quite unconventional; the good news is they are growing in popularity and decreasing in price. Eco materials are not only cheaper to buy, but they are designed to reduce the running costs of your home. 


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