There is something about staying at a luxurious hotel that makes you sleep like a baby. Whether it is the high thread count sheets or the clutter-free decor, you can recreate this vibe in your master bedroom. To help you out, here are some ways you turn your master bedroom into a luxe boutique hotel room.

  1. Change the color scheme 

Selecting the right paint is essential. To achieve that relaxed, hotel vibe select a neutral palette of pastels, creams, and whites. Don’t restrict it to the walls only, add some neutral drapery and furnishings to your bedroom. 


  • Upgrade your bed


Hotel beds feel like you are sleeping on clouds, and this is partly because of the mattress. You want to get the best bed you can, so as you purchase it, grab a quality mattress and some comfortable pillows. You can check online or visit bed stores such as bed shop Beverley to try out and select the right hotel-style bed for you.


  • Switch up the bed linens


With a new plush bed, you need linens that are cozy and comfortable. For that hotel feel, get some quality sheets that are freshly laundered and pressed. When selecting bed linen, go for how it feels and don’t focus on the thread count too much. Add a dash of your favorite essential oil to some water and spray it on your sheets as you press them. Lavender and rose work very well, and you will feel like you are sleeping in the lap of luxury. 

Try triple sheeting your bed by layering a thin blanket or comforter between two sheets. It gives the bed a crisp, clean look, and you also eliminate the need for a duvet cover.


  • Play with the lighting


Many hotel rooms have lamps and sconces on either side of the bed. This pulls the room together visually and are great alternatives to the overhead lights. Since many bedside lights come in sets, they create a warm cozy mood in any space, and the symmetry looks good. If you want something different, you can mix and match different lights. You can also change the light color to achieve the mood you want.  


  • Add a fluffy rug


Place a soft, fluffy carpet at either side of your bed and give your feet a treat every time you get out of bed. If your bed is against the wall, you can get a medium-sized rug and place it on either side of the bed. If your bed is placed away from the wall, get small rugs on either side of your bed. You will love standing on this rug barefoot, so the fluffier and softer the rug, the better.


  • Incorporate multifunctional furniture


Hotel rooms always have ample space, so to recreate this effect in your get a bedside table that has enough space to keep your essentials such as creams, jewelry or your favorite book. This way, you have all your favorite things close to you.

When decorating your master bedroom like a hotel room, draw inspiration from your favorite places and keep these tips in mind. Also, consider all the functions your bedroom serves as.

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