Whether you like football or not, the Football World Cup is about to begin and if you have a football fanatic in the family then this could be a nice time to have some fun as a family. England do not always do particularly well in the tournament but it is still fun to get caught up in the excitement of the games.

Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland did not manage to qualify unfortunately. Just in case you need bringing up to speed, this year’s World Cup is being held in Russia and starts on 14 June, with the final taking place on 15 July. The teams that are classed as the favourites to win the tournament include Brazil, Germany, Spain, France and Argentina.

Many schools and workplaces get into the spirit of the event by dressing up, or doing sweepstakes for the winners but it is nice to get behind the team you are supporting at home whilst you are watching the games. Here are some fun ideas to celebrate this year’s World Cup month:

Hold a themed party

Invite your friends and neighbours round for a themed party, where each family or person is allocated a country to represent. As part of the fun, they can dress in the team colours and maybe even bring some traditional food or drink associated to the country. This can be a great way for the children to learn all about the different countries that are participating and what their traditional dishes and culture is like. You will probably find that supermarkets start selling football themed food and snacks as well, so they will add to the celebrations.

You can set up mini games related to football like table football, or games for the grownups like beer pong where one country plays against the other to get through to the final! Decorate your house with different flags and even pictures of the football stars, you can even have party bags with little football themed gifts for the kids. Check this site out for party bags and ideas. You can buy some face paints and the most artistic person at the party can showcase their talent by painting flags onto people’s faces.

Language games

With so many different countries playing and so many different languages spoken in each of them, it could be the perfect time to play some language games to help your kids pick up some of the basics. Whenever a team is playing, you can create a few flash cards with basic phrases like ‘buenos dias’ for Spain and practice them on the day.

Have a table football tournament

If you have a football table or old Subbuteo set you can have your very own World Cup tournament at home. Put on some nibbles and let the goals fly in! If you haven’t got either of these then you could have a tournament on the games console if the kids will let you play. Bribes may be required but you might have more fun than you’d think you would.

Guess the winners/top scorer/results

There are a few variations of games where you can predict results and get points for each one you get right, or if that sounds a bit long winded simply pick a winner each. Give out silly prizes like closest guess to the number of goals scored in the tournament gets to choose what to have for dinner or does not have to load the washing machine for a week or another kind of chore relief reward.

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