The impact we have on our environment as individuals and, more predominantly, as business owners is often highlighted in the media. The focus on being “greener” has made us more conscious of the things we buy and how our behaviour might affect the environment. 


If you’re a business owner, showing that you are environmentally conscious might actually impact your company in a positive way. In fact, research shows that people are prepared to pay a higher price for products and services from businesses that demonstrate environmentally friendly processes. However, it can be tough for businesses to find cost effective strategies while also thinking about the environment.


A great place to begin is with your printing. Consider how much energy you use each time you switch on the printer and how much paper and toner is being wasted each day. There are, in fact, green print solutions. If you have a large print job lined up, consider waiting to do it until the evening when electricity is cheaper. It’s also wise to print a test copy to check it’s exactly how you want it, before printing off the whole job and realising it’s wrong. Set your printer to stand-by mode when not in use and even consider using recycled paper, if possible.


Think about how you can reduce your overall carbon footprint. Perhaps you need to review the current insulation? Maybe you could introduce a ‘Cycle to Work’ scheme? Do you recycle? Is your promotional merchandise eco-friendly? Sometimes making minimal changes can really go a long way in helping the environment and, as a result, making you a more appealing option for clients. Although it might be challenging at first, eventually being kind to the environment will come naturally.

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