Finding the time to spend quality time with your kids can be tricky sometimes, when you have to juggle a career, a relationship, a home, your friends… the list goes on! So, we thought we’d lend a hand by giving you some handy tips.


Where possible, hire help with household chores as these really can take up a lot of time. You could hire help with cleaning, ironing, garden maintenance, and just about anything else you could think of. This will really help to free up some extra time to spend with you kids. Why not take a look at a website like to give you a better idea of who you could get to help you with your household chores if needs be.

Try to include your children in household chores too for example, you could teach them how to cook by allowing them to accompany you whilst you prepare the evening meal. Kids love to feel like they’re contributing, and this can be a great way to squeeze in some more quality time.


If you feel like your work/life balance isn’t quite right, it is important to learn how to delegate too. If you’re fortunate enough to own your own successful business, let go of the reigns a little and delegate some responsibility to others.

If you can afford to do so, consider cutting down your hours at work if it is becoming too much of a struggle to juggle your job and your family. This way, you’re still keeping a firm grip on your career but it’s no longer the epicenter of your life.

Set Boundaries with Friends and Family

Families and friends can be very demanding and not everyone understands just how much time having children takes up. Make sure you set firm boundaries that allow you to still see them but at the same time managing their expectations.

If you have friends with children, arrange times when you can all meet up as families, so that you’re not missing out on time with your own children.

Bedtime Stories

Most people look forward to getting the kids in bed and settling down to watch TV at night. Consider replacing half an hour of this down time with reading your children bedtime stories . Reading to your children at night can be a really important developmental tool for them as well as an opportunity for some bonding time.

Walk don’t drive

Where possible, replace driving your children around with walking with them to their destinations. This way they will have your full attention as well as it being a healthier way to get around.

There are lots of way to spend more time with your children. So, if you feel that you are not getting enough one on one quality time with them, take some time out of your day to come up with a plan. Think about delegating jobs at home and in the workplace, setting boundaries with friends and family, replacing TV with story time and replacing driving with walking. You’ll soon begin to notice a difference in your relationship with your children. For more parenting tips take a look at anklebitersadventures

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