Is Your Garden Ready for Summer?

Summer is well underway in the UK and schools are starting to break up for the long break. With that said, you might be considering whether or not your garden is ready for the warmer weather, so that your children can play out, you can entertain guests or just have somewhere to relax in the sun. Here are some things to think about if you want to carry out some updates to get your garden ready…

Do You Have a Lawn?

If you have children or dogs, or suffer from hay fever, artificial grass might be a good option for you. You’ll be able to kiss the green socks goodbye and the trails of mud in your house, and you won’t have to worry about mowing the lawn every week or two. It also looks great all year round, you’ll just need to give it a clean every now and again.

Are Your Fences Damaged?

Over winter, when the wind and rain is harsh, sometimes damage can occur in the garden. With that said, you may have to carry out some repair works, such as replacing a fence panel or securing your posts. If your fence is rotting in one place, it’s important to replace it because otherwise it will spread and you’ll end up with a more costly problem.

Is Your Decking Safe?

Again, winter weather may have caused problems with your decking which you will need to get sorted if you want it to be fit for purpose. Wear and tear happens with any deck, so be sure to check that the wood and metal is still in good condition. Give the railing a good shake too, just to make sure it’s firmly in place and be sure to replace any missing, loose or rusty nails.

Of course, these are just a few suggestions to get you started and there may be plenty more ways to improve your garden and ensure it is the best it can be for summer. Cut back any overgrown bushes and trees, neaten things up with some new edging (e.g., railway sleepers, natural stone or traditional bricks) or revamp your summer house. With a little TLC, your garden will look fabulous.

Thoughts, Comments?

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