I really cannot believe our baby boy is nearly four , how have four years passed by? It feels like yesterday I was a scared first time Mamma sitting on the edge of the hospital bed in Luton desperate to sleep but I didn’t want to take my eyes off him.

I remember not wanting to leave his cot in the hospital to have a shower or go to the toilet , I would go and do what I had to really quickly and rush back and he would still be sleeping peacefully.

As the weeks grew so did my confidence as a Mum. My arms got used to rocking him to sleep and walking the floorboards through the milk allergy all night most nights. We were in this little bubble just him and I. Daddy went off to work we would just cuddle for hours and he would feed. We would venture out to town on the bus and everyone would say what a beautiful baby he was and I would beam with pride , and think I grew him.

The first year went by in a flash he was turning in to this energetic , cheeky chappy. He started walking around 10 months and I was already 4 months pregnancy with Frankie so I had my work cut out. We would spend our days going to baby groups , messy play and hanging out in the park or castle grounds. He really was a delight and so happy.

Then Frankie came along an he  took on the protective brother role so well. He was only 14 months when she was born and it was a lot to get used to we couldn’t have our lazy morning toast in bed or spend all afternoon at the park. He adjusted well and we got in to a new routine of four. I used to love sitting and watching him play with Frankie whilst she lay on the floor , he was in awe.

On to the terrible twos and my sweet little lad could reduce me to tears some days with the stubbornness and tantrums. Frankie learnt the rough and tumble ways as he turned in to a boisterous little two year old. He started to have little conversations with us and got what we were saying , he started to do his jigsaws, learn his ABC and 123.

And then he turned three and it was time for nursery , my stomach flipped and my heart felt heavy as it was approaching. I had always looked after him , now I was going to trust other people that I didn’t know to look after him. Would they know when he was sad ? What he wanted ? Would they be able to comfort him like I do?

He cried every time I took him for around 5 months , he had to be pealed off me some days. He eventually grew in confidence an  started to blossom and thrive. The ladies that look after him are amazing and I can never thank them enough. His knowledge grew and he even started to learn a second language. His thirst for learning began to develop and he thrives off it. It’s actually really helped with my anxiety too.

Now we approach four and he is a proper little boy. I caught myself looking at him the other day and couldn’t believe how in the last couple of months his features have changed and how much he doesn’t look like a toddler anymore. He is so kind and caring, always asking if everyone is ok and trying to be as helpful as he can.

He has such an intelligent mind and its growing day by day. The amount of growth spurts he goes through is just incredible and he is always needing new clothes. the fact that he is starting to speak a second language just amazes me. His confidence has grown and he can hold full conversations with people he meets. His sense of humour is so me and the giggles we have are amazing. One thing hasn’t changed he still wants to give Mummy cuddles all day.

I feel incredibly emotional as four just seems so much older than three , he will start school this year and that fills me with emotion. I have been a bit of an emotional wreck this last week knowing that the day is approaching , one thing I know is that we are so proud of the lttle human he is becoming.

Happy 4th Birthday our darling Anklebiter Archie



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