This is my bucket list so far there are some things on here I can tick off and some that I really hope to do in the future.

1 – Get married in Vegas in a drive thru chapel

James and I both hate the idea of a big wedding with loads of family that clash and all of the planning – it’s just not us. We have been together 10 years this summer. We could just go to a registry office and get married but we are saving to get married in Vegas. We will go for ribs , burgers and ice cream sundaes for our wedding party and drink our body weight in cocktails. This will happen when we have enough money. We would then like a little American road trip for our honeymoon.

2- Go to a gospel choir church

Always wanted to do this , I think the music is beautiful. Love the happy and energetic vibe.

3- Afternoon Tea at the Ritz

This is one that I have already ticked off.  I love cake and everything vintage so this was amazing. The sarnies were the best and of course the cakes. The toilets were the just amazing and the grandest I had ever been in , could have spent all day in there.

 4- Stay in a county manor house and be lady of the manor

Would love to live in one but that’s never going to happen, so maybe just maybe we can hire one out one day. Still a big dream but I love the Downton Abbey feel and all the vintage.

5- Go to Disney land

When the ankle biters are a little older I would love to do a trip to Disney land and capture those magical moments. Just not sure I could survive 1067 renditions of “let it go”

6 – Go up in a hot air balloon

This is another one I am able to tick off. Pre ankle biters James and I went up on an experience gift from my parents. It was amazing if not a little bit scary.

7-Deep sea diving

Always wanted to do this . Used to go snorkelling on holiday abroad. Not quite deep sea diving but loved it and will do it one day , I fancy the Maldives.

8- Go to New York

Another one I can tick off. I went on a trip with university when I was doing my teaching degree. It was amazing and I was really sad to come home. I want to take the littles there when they are old enough to appreciate it.

9- Go on an African Safari

Would love to go on Safari one day and be up close with lions and giraffes. I know you can do this in the UK so if I don’t make it to Africa then maybe I can look in to doing it over here.

10 – Dine in a Michelin star restaurant

This is another one I can tick off . Pre ankle biter life James and I went to the Hambrough in the Isle of Wight and stayed in the hotel for two nights and ate in the restaurant. It really was amazing.


Thoughts, Comments?

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