Before I had the ankle biters I wasn’t very maternal at all and felt awkward around little ones. If someone asked me to hold their baby I would break out in to a cold sweat and make any excuse not to. Quite a few of my friends had babies or children and I just didn’t get it.

Dear Friend ,

Sorry for not understanding when you were an hour late meeting me for dinner because your baby wouldn’t let you go. I used to think how ridiculous , but now I know I’ve been there holding my babies hand through the cot for hours on end not being able to escape.

I now get why all you used to do was talk about your kids. They are your world and why have it any other way. And quite frankly when your a Mum what else is there to talk about?

When your child used to have a tantrum because she didn’t have the pink cup I used to roll my eyes and think how spoilt! But now I totally get it as tantrums are by the minute when your in the midst of the terrible twos or threenager phase.

Now I understand why we always used to end up meeting at a cafe with a play area instead of a nice quiet hipster cafe with posh coffees. I’m so sorry I cancelled on you a few times as I just couldn’t bare the smell of fish fingers and the constant screeching. I am now the queen of child friendly play dates and know every place that caters for kids in my area ! Though I still hate soft play or soft hell as I’ve nicknamed it.

I’m sorry I snapped at you for not meeting a work deadline because you were up all night with your teething baby ! I didn’t know what sleep deprivation was and how it drained every single ounce of energy from you and turning you in to a zombie 90% of the time.

I’m sorry I had so many parties and gatherings that didn’t cater for small ones. I can see how selfish I was with my carefree life and you were probably crying out for a party to let your hair down and just be you.

For all those weekends away we went on and you couldn’t come and leave your baby , I can now see why and don’t blame you.

I can now see on the rare nights you did come out why you would end up downing two bottles of wine and leaving by 10pm. You were free to let your hair down and do what you want for the first time in months.

Again for all of this! I’m sorry !


Another Mamma who now gets it

XX ♥


2 thoughts on “An open letter to my friends who had babies before me – Sorry and I get it now”

  1. love this, so true. But breaks my heart but friends don’t understand. They don’t ever understand

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