I am so lucky to have met an amazing group of ladies who have held my hand through this hood – the motherhood. I am the Mum I am today because of them , they have stopped me from having several breakdowns and always helped me keep it real and made me feel like I’m not alone in this.

Thank you for not judging me for any of my parenting decisions and never making me feel like a bad mum. There can be so much judgment out there when it comes to being a Mum and this can come from non parents but worst of all from fellow Mum’s.

Thank you for the hundreds of coffees , cake and hugs you have given me over the past three and a half years they really do make the world of difference. When you are having a bad day or haven’t slept a coffee made for you is like being given a million pounds. I have so much comfort knowing you are on the other end of a text when I’m having a crisis.

For all the play dates you have invited us to thank you ! Where we let the little ones pull out every toy they own , watch them all squabble over the one bing figure and build their own awesome friendships. Where we drink buckets of hot coffee and chat about potty troubles , fussy eaters , love island and build our life long friendships.

Thank you for making soft hell …. I mean play more bearable. An hour of letting them run off screaming like banshees and hauling themselves down slides while we chat and again have a coffee but this time its a posh coffee with sprinkles on the top. Feels like such a treat.

Thank you for loving my little ankle biters like your own , always making a fuss of them and making them giggle. This makes such a difference and really does feel like they have loads of aunties dotted all over.

Thanks for keeping me sane and drinking wine with me when they little ones are in bed. When your having a crap week or have had a rubbish day. It’s so good to vent off and get a little merry in the process , makes looking after them with a hangover so worth it.

Thank you for being there day or night , whenever I need you. Even if it’s just a quick 2am Facebook message to ask is it normal that the baby has just pooed up to their neck or is there something seriously wrong. Of course there’s not babies are poonami machines but I’m so glad you were there to tell me that , instead of me stressing all night and rushing off to the doctors first thing.

Thank you for listening to me moan and complain and moan some more. You sit there listen and don’t make me feel like a nag bag. I needed that.

Thank you for having a sense of humour ! You get my jokes , sarcasm and quirks and I get yours. Life is never bland or boring with you.

There is so much more I could thank you for and sometimes thank you doesn’t seem enough. You have got me through this sometimes bumpy ride and helped me keep my feet firmly on the ground. For that I’m ever grateful. To all my Mummy friends old and new you rock the life out of this hood – motherhood.

Thoughts, Comments?

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