Choosing gifts for kids can be pretty tricky at times, as it can be hard to know what they like and what they have already got. Children’s tastes can change quickly, and what was once a favourite toy, can soon be relegated to the bottom of the toy box. For kids that love to be hands-on, it’s a great idea to think outside the toy box when buying presents and opt for something that they can do rather than play with. Shopping for creative gifts opens up a whole world of present possibilities, and it’s satisfying to know that you are giving a present that is engaging and thoughtful, rather than the latest toy or gadget.


An added bonus of buying a creative gift is that they are typically educational too. Hands-on, creative gifts require concentration and focus to complete, which makes them all the more appealing.


Kids love to get stuck into activities, and it’s great to see them concentrating on creating something that they can be proud of. If you are in search of a little present-giving inspiration for the children in your life, take a look at these ideas:


Painting Set


Buying a painting set for kids doesn’t need to be as generic as simply picking up a few pots of poster paint and some brushes. For a truly unique gift, why not opt for CUSTOM PAINT BY NUMBERS KITS for the kids? Painting by numbers is an ever-popular past time for kids, and the beauty of a custom kit is that you can get it made from a favourite photograph. So the kids can create a paint by numbers picture of their pet, a special place that they love, etc. The best bit is that as well requiring plenty of concentration to work on the painting, kids will then have a beautiful piece of artwork to hang on their bedroom wall and the satisfaction of completing it themselves.


Baking Kit


Kids love to bake, and it’s undoubtedly a skill to be encouraged to get them confident in the kitchen. Baking has so many educational benefits, but as it’s fun, kids won’t even realise how much they are learning. From measuring ingredients to reading recipes, there are plenty of learning opportunities when baking together. Nowadays, you can pick up a wide selection of cookery books for kids, and there are also plenty of baking kits out there to choose from too. Kids will love looking through their baking book and then getting creative as they try to copy the different icing techniques and finishes featured in the recipes.


Writing Gifts


Kids can produce some incredibly impressive pieces of creative writing when given the opportunity. All of that imagination and wonder can translate into the most magical stories and poems. There are lots of books available that act as writing prompts for children, from creative writing kits to do it yourself journals. These books provide the perfect springboard to a lifelong love of books, reading, and creative writing.

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