Since having both babies my body has changed in so many ways. I have written about physical changes before and how I’m not so happy with my post baby body. There are so many things that change when you have had a baby. For me its been my skin , hair , back ache and other aliments. You almost feel like a different version of your former self in some ways.

My hair and skin have both gone so dry and no matter what I do or what products I buy I can’t seem to get them back in to the condition thy were in pre baby.  Some days my skin is so sore even plain water stings my face. I have got some cream now from the GP which helps.

My hair has changed a lot it used to be so glossy and shiny but is now really dry my scalp is also really sore and itches a lot. I have been to the doctors but the answer for everything after pregnancy is “it’s just hormonal changes” which is more than likely true but there never seems to be an infinite solution to a problem , it’s more like oh it’s just something to live with now.

One of the things that really bothers me is the stretch marks I now have. I have heard people say they are our tiger stripes and as a woman we should be proud of them because they show that you grew and homed your beautiful children. You are almost shamed in to embracing them. But it’s also my choice to say you know what I’m not ok with it , I’m not a fan of them.

It doesn’t mean I’m not proud of my body for growing my babies neither does it mean I love my children any less. I’m just not happy with the way I look and the changes my body has gone through and I think it’s OK to say that.

I tried all of the remedies they advise you to when pregnant to avoid stretch marks and make them less visible. I also tried to reduce the amount I had after birth by using various creams , gels and potions with no luck. It was just a waste of time , energy and money!  I think having two babies close in age has them more visible and obviously have more of them!

I have looked in to permanent stretch mark removal which can be done so easily and quickly with no need for any major surgery it is usually done with a device with small needles attached and can be done within and hour to ninety minutes then allowing you to go about your normal daily activities.

I am slowly taking steps to try and get the pre baby me back , my youngest is nearly three so it does take time. I also wonder do things just take time to settle and if so how long? Only time will tell.

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