Passive smoking is always a worry and concern when it comes to children’s health. Although these days with smoking bans and laws in place it does lower the risk of passive smoking.

Second hand smoke can be dangerous to children and they do need to be protected from this. When you smoke a cigarette , most of the smoke doesn’t go into your lungs but it goes into the air around and this then means that anyone cam breathe this in and become a passive smoker. Secondhand smoke is the smoke that is breathed in and also the sidestream smoke that comes from the lit end of your cigarette.

When people around you including little ones breath in your secondhand smoke it can really damage their health. People who breathe in secondhand smoke on a regular basis are more likely to be exposed to the same damage smokers are and get the same illnesses such as lung cancer and heart disease.

There are many ways you can protect your children these include – 

Keeping them away from smoke at all times 

Whether you smoke yourself or you are around family that smoke , the best protection is keep them well away from it. If you do smoke ensure you are not smoking in the house , maybe allocate an area in the garden and ensure that you wash your hands etc after smoking. If you are going to go out to smoke then wear the same jacket and leave it outside.

Try alternatives to smoking 

There are alternatives to smoking for example Vaping has become a popular alternative to smoking and many people are choosing this over smoking. There are many different types of Vaping News that can be viewed to help you decide if this a the right alternative for you.

Try to quit smoking 

If you do smoke try to do your best to quit , this way you know you will be protecting your children as much as you can. Also if family members smoke then do what you can to help them to quit. There is so much support out there for people who want to quit smoking and you have step by step guidance.

As you can see passive smoking and second-hand smoke is equally dangerous for those around you. Of course the best way to avoid this is to totally give up smoking , but taking steps to alternatives can help and lead help you to quit.

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