Both of my children attend a Welsh medium school and have been learning Welsh since they were eighteen months – two years old. When children attend a Welsh medium school they learn to read in Welsh first. My eldest started reading in reception class and he really loves it. We try to do as much reading as we can at home.

One thing that really struck me when he was learning was the lack of books in the shops for them to read whilst they are learning. There are of course a great selection of Welsh books but not enough readily available for their level of reading. There are a lot of apps out there with materials and electronic reading books , but we are fans of the physical book here.

I have done a lot of research and searching over the last year and have found some amazing books for reading at a suitable level for reception and year 1. They have helped so much for myself learning to read Welsh and also my eldest. The books come in different series and I have found amazon to be the cheapest for these too.

Here is a list of the books I have found most suitable. I have included the amazon search / book titles for each series. Enjoy! If you just search the titles in bold you will be able to find the books. 

Cyfres Darllen Stori

The Cyfres Darllen Stori pack comprises the 10 titles in Mary Vaughan Jones’s evergreen reading series – Sali Mali, Y Pry Bach Tew, Bobi Jo, Jaci Soch, Annwyd y Pry Bach Tew, Tomos Caradog, Yr Hen Darw, Pastai Tomos Caradog, Morgan a Magi Ann and Siencyn. These are great starter books for and have plenty of key words and repetition to aid learning.

Cyfres y Ned Morwr
These are a series of five lovely learn-to-read books about Ned the sailor and his dog Moi Cnoi for the Foundation Phase. Cyfres Ned y Morwr: Ned y Morwr , Cyfres Ned y Morwr: Moi a’r Siarc, Cyfres Ned y Morwr: Ned a Moi Cnoi, Cyfres Ned y Morwr: Paid, Taid!Cyfres Ned y Morwr: Ned a Moi Cnoi. We really enjoyed this series and they also include the key words in the back of the book. Again there is plenty of repetition for them to learn / practice too.

Hwyl y Syrcas

This book is fab and one of our favourites. The book contains three stories about Coco the Clown, with simple text and speech bubbles for children who are beginning to read in Welsh.

Cyfres Moli a Meg

Another great series of simple books for starting to learn in Welsh following the adventures of Moli and Meg.

Cyfres Darllen Mewn Dim – Llfyr Llythrennau

There a few different sets in this series there is the set of six Llyfr Llythrennau which hep the children to differentiate between words so for example there is one that helps them to learn the difference between p and ph for example.

There is also a story book series along side Cyfres Darllen Mewn Dim: Llyfrau Tymhorau – Pecyn and Cyfres Darllen Mewn Dim: Llyfr Synau – Pecyn . If you search the site there are also other series packs too.

I hope this list really helps , there is also a fantastic app we have been using called Magi Ann. There are 6 apps to download with each comes a series of electronic books and games. Here is the link to the google and apple stores for the app.

I will continue to search and create some more Welsh medium education blog posts to help fellow parents. Also check out my other site for more Welsh medium posts lifewithlianne.

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  1. So helpful, as a second language Welsh speaking mum, I found it really hard to know what books would be appropriate for my son (Also Archie) as he starts to read

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