So are you going to go back to teaching now your littlest is starting school ?If I had a pound for the amount of times I hear this lately , I would be rich. In short NO I’m not going back to teaching. There are many reasons for this. The first one being I have a job !

I have a self employed business that I run myself from home – this blog. I don’t mind people asking at all , it’s only natural as it was a huge part of my life – but of course I have had some comments about going back to a “proper” job ! I did write a post about this a while ago too.

It has been amazing being a home and watching the anklebiters grow ,I have been there for every single milestone , attended every sports day and all of the nursery / school plays and trips. It has been a god send not have to worry when they have been ill about taking time off and feel the mum guilt we all feel when we have to leave them.

We do not live close to any family so we do not have help available for school runs or pick ups. If I was to go back to teaching I would have to put them in to breakfast club and after school clubs / wraparound etc. When I was teaching I would be in school for 7.45 and leave around 5pm. This would leave me with no quality time, also it’s not the type of job that ends when you come home. You still have all of the preparing , marking and stressing to do!

Sports days , open mornings , school plays and achievement assemblies would all be out of the question – I would miss them all. It’s not possible to book these type of things off in teaching as you can’t just leave your class and they will not provide cover for these events. I would go through the children’s whole school life having to say sorry I cant’ make that , and feeling almighty mum guilt.

Back to the fact that I have a job , people seem to think that it is not a real job and will make comments like – are you going to get a real job! I find it so rude. It is a real job it supports my family and I earn decent wage which helped us buy our first house , pays for our holidays and essentials. So yes it really is a real job. I can earn more blogging some days than I did when I was a teacher so for me it’s a no brainer – stay at home with my little ones or earn less and go back to teaching and not have as much time with them.

The freedom this job brings compared to teaching is amazing ! If I want a day off I can. It just means I have more work to do the next day, I can fit my work around the children and plan it with them in mind. I do not have to answer to anyone – to unrealistic government deadlines , headteachers and the local authority.

The opportunities this job brings are incredible, the little ones would never have seen half of what they have or been on so many trips if I had not have started this blog. I will do all I can to keep giving them these opportunities we just simply would not have time to do if I was full time teaching.

I fully enjoy my job and love all of the experiences it brings for myself and my family. Don’t get me wrong I did enjoy teaching and loved my ten years in education. I didn’t enjoy the politics , unfair demands and unrealistic targets for children created by out of date data.

I never say never and would love to go back to teaching one day. I would prefer to teach at a college or in adult education. I will wait until our babies are in secondary school until I make this decision.

Thoughts, Comments?

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