Life insurance wasn’t really something I thought about until I was a parent at age 31. I really wish I had sorted it out a good few years before I was 30. There are so many reasons why you should make sure you have life insurance sorted by the time you are 30. Here are just a few –  a family now. I have been browsing online and found some fab deals at  Money Expert for life insurance.

You are more likely to have started or are going to start a family

This is a really important one as there are now going to be little ones and your partner who are going to be financially dependent on you. You usually own a house or are looking to buy a house at this point too.

If anything were to happen for the worst, the proceeds from your life insurance contributions can be used by your partner, children, designated guardians, or your parents to help pay for the mortgage or rent, funeral expenses, childcare, and the many other day-to-day bills we all have. It’s essential that you do this when you have a family as it will make life a lot easier for them in the long run.

You should have a steady income by now

In our 20’s when we start earning money we all go a bit mad with money so probably have less , we also earn less in most cases. As we approach our 30’s we calm down with money a bit and start budgeting , earn more and start saving.

You are probably in some level of debt

If you were to pass away your debt would not just go away and your dependents may be liable for your debt, if you have an insurance policy this can help you loved ones to continue paying off your debt.

To avoid being turned down due to medical problems

None of us know what our health will be like in years to come , even in months down the line. This will also save money in the long run you could save money and not have to pay high coverage fees.

To save money in the long run

If you get insurance when you are younger you are more likely to be eligible for a lower rate when it comes to life insurance. For the simple reason that you have more years ahead of you. Also you are more likely to be in good health and better health than someone 10 years older than you. The older you are the more likely it is that you will be diagnosed with something which means the premium being more expensive.

To cover funeral expenses

This could help your family when it comes to paying for funeral expenses. This could be in the long run or just to be prepared as you can never be to careful with an unexpected accident or illness. Getting life insurance early on helps provide protection for your family if needed.

To protect your business / assets

If you were to own a business then having life insurance could help protect your family. As they would have money from your life insurance to deal with any holdings etc.

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