Stay-at-home parenting is a round the clock, full time job as we complete chores, dinner duties, and more all whilst raising a child/children. I feel like I don’t stop some days from the minute I open my eyes to the minute I go to sleep and even then I’m dreaming about what I have to do the next day !

To find out what a stay-at-home parent could be earning for all of the marvellous multitasking that’s done, Funky Pigeon have examined eight job roles and the average salaries to estimate an output of a parents salary. The results from this were so surprising ! I can see why stay at home parents would get paid so much it’s a 24 hour , round he clock job.

If a parent in London was paid a chef’s salary for all of the cooking, a nurses salary for all of the grazed knees, a cleaners salary for all of the housework, a taxi-drivers salary for all of the driving, a PA’s salary for all of the organising, a laundry washers salary for all of the washing, a teachers salary for all of the educating and a psychologists salary for all of the mentoring, they could earn a total of £263,587 a year. We are all of these professions rolled in to one sometimes with parenting.

Across the UK this average salary differs as in Bristol, you’d only look to be earning £185,607pa for the eight jobs. I would still be happy to take that as my salalry !

Looking at individual jobs, in the city of Cardiff, a chef could be earning £44,749pa, though in Glasgow, you’d only look to be earning £22,310pa, so where might it be worth being the chef of the household for your family?

Nurses in Nottingham will earn an average of £50,828pa compared to the UK’s capital where the average salary of a nurse is £32,534.

A psychologist in London, however, has the potential to take home £61,312pa. Across the UK this dips; Leeds £30,709, Manchester £40,958, Liverpool £29,591, Edinburgh £33,640.

A cleaners salary is somewhat consistent across these top UK cities ranging from £13,385 in Glasgow to over £17,000 in other leading regions.

Obviously a parent doesn’t get paid a full salary for each of these eight jobs, some don’t get a salary at all, and to value the parents Funky Pigeon have created a calculator to enter the hours spent on each ‘job’ a week to result in a parents’ salary:

Take a look and see what you would be paid ! It’s so interesting to look at it from this point of view.

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