Our two little ones are growing up so quickly and with that comes more stuff ! They have accumulated so many items and treasures in there short lives already. Because they are so close in age they get so many similar toys and items bought for them too. They are only going to get more as time goes on ! And I am quite a hoarder of their stuff I like to keep a lot of it for memory purposes ! They have various memory boxes for different milestones ! I just can’t part with them.

I’m having to have some major sort outs and re organising after the Christmas period as there are just gifts all over the place and they all need a home / space of their own.  

Also as the little ones grow up there is so much potential for adapting the house.

As you know we bought the house we rented over the summer. It feels so good to now be home owners and find our forever home !  There is so much we want to do to the house and loads of adaptation too. 

There are a few main areas where this is going to take place – 

The bathroom

We have already worked out that one family bathroom just isn’t enough and it would be great for us to have our own bathroom / en suite and then hand over the family bathroom to the children to share.  I can imagine growing up and having two teenagers there will be a massive need for that extra bathroom.

The plan would be to have an en suite or an extra bathroom that could be located at the back of the house with a shower room or bath. It’s also good to plan for the future and have an accessible bathroom too so downstairs would probably suit us better.

An office space

At the moment my office space is in my bedroom as that’s the best place / space for it. We really need a dedicated room as again as the little ones get bigger they need a space for homework , Archie already has this every week ! We have some space on the 1st level of our garden to build on to the house and create a mini office which would benefit us all.

A loft conversion for extra guests

We are really happy with the bedrooms in the house we have one each and they are big enough for us. Our only bug bear is when people come to stay there isn’t an extra bedroom so we end up sleeping on the sofa to let them have our bed. We have a huge loft which would make a fab bedroom !  I would love to convert this and have that extra room to make guests welcome , this would also be where that extra bathroom comes in handy too.

Storage solutions

We really need to up or storage game too , I always find everything looks much better when stored away properly. I hate having clutter around the house and much prefer things to be out of sight. We need to get some shelves for the little ones rooms too especially Archie’s with all his Lego creations !

We have loads of weird and wonderful cupboards all over the house which is fab but they all need renovating. I need to get the sander and some chalk paint out to totally transform them.

Have you had to adapt your home to make way for your little ones and the mountain of stuff they acquire ? What adaptations have you made ? I would love to hear about them ! 

*Collaborative post

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