The anklebiters are soaking up everything at the moment and have such a thirst for learning. They want to know how everything got here , how it was made , why it is here and so on. I love those little inquisitive minds.

I try to take advantage of the fact they want to learn and help facilitate this as much as I can. They do a lot of learning at nursery at nursery and I build on this and cover what they are learning at nursery at home too.

I now also think it’s time for a learning area and desk for them. I was browsing online and came across the most beautiful children’s desks on Lionshome. As there are two little ones and we haven’t got masses of space I need something small and compact.

The range of desks they have is fantastic and I have decided on two of the reading table desks and stools. These look super sturdy and come in a few different colours including pink , blue and white.

As you can see they are super practical as they can store drawing books and pencils etc in the drawers. I love the how compact they are too allowing me to fit two in side by side.

They also sell a fab range of book shelves both free-standing and floating shelves for the wall which would be fab for all the books we have acquired. I also came across some great shelves with drawers for all of the other learning materials we have. Lionshome really is a great place to help build the perfect learning environment.

There are many activities / tools I use for learning at home which can be adapted for both with the 14 month age gap. Activities I have been using to encourage learning include –

Dot to Dot 

The little ones have really been enjoying this , it’s really helping with their counting and recognising numbers. Archie has been speeding ahead with these and even trying the larger ones with numbers up to 30. Frankie has been trying the smaller pictures , she needs a little bit more support but it really recognising the numbers.

Learning books 

We have so many of these from numbers to addition to reading and writing. They have helped so much with writing and Archie can now write his own name in aided and a few other small words. Frankie is still practising on the dotted letters which she is doing amazingly well at. The books with the dry wipe markers are the best as can be used over and over.


I have been trying to do some basic science with the anklebiters. They learn a lot of this when we are out and about just from questions they ask. For example where do flowers come from? We talk about planting the seeds to , the seeds growing and then a plant with flowers. We also talk a lot about how things are made and what they are made out of.

These are just a few ways to encourage learning with pre schoolers , with the right learning space and activities it can really help them thrive.

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