We have wooden flooring in both the lounge and playroom and it’s so practical with the little ones. Any spills of food or drink are so easily cleaned up and for potty training it was a godsend. We still have the same flooring that was here when we moved in so it wasn’t flooring that we have chosen.

Now that we own the house we want to put our stamp on it , the floor is also starting to look tired and chipped too.

I love the idea of solid wood flooring as it will last longer and looks great. I came across some gorgeous wood flooring whilst browsing on Lifestyle Flooring UK that I think would be perfect for the lounge. 

I think it’s great having a separate lounge and play room as at the end of a long day we can go to the front room and relax in front of the open fire.

I want to go for a geometric theme in the lounge with the curtains and some wooden blinds to match the flooring. I want to get some black and mustard shelves too in one corner of the lounge with some geometric planters , plants and prints on them.

The play room flooring also needs updating , obviously this has to be super hard-wearing with the little ones rough and tumble. Again I would go for solid wood flooring as it needs to be robust and withstand the anklebiters. I would rather go for a darker floor for that room just to mix it up a bit. There are some gorgeous chocolate and espresso colours to choose from.

Now that the anklebiters are getting a little older it is time to downsize their toys and create a little learning lab alongside the toys. I want to get some educational prints like maps , alphabet and numbers and go for a primary colour theme.

I am going to look at recovering the sofa in the playroom with some funky ABC fabric and give this a go myself. Then go for some bright curtains and cushions and a little desk each for them.

We have stone flooring in the bathroom which I am not to keen on so in the future I think we would also look at changing that to a classic oak colour. This way it is always easy to change the accessories and bath mats etc as it is quite a neutral colour.

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