We have a beautiful bathroom I love the size and shape of it. The only downfall is that we do not have much storage space. We have a large windowsill and everything seems to get stored here , this looks awful and isn’t great for the window condensation wise.

I have plans for a mini make over for the bathroom. I am thinking of a grey and pale pink theme. At the moment it is painted in a aqua green above the tiles which I’m really not keen on.

This is going to be changed to a pale grey colour. We have white tiles which I really love and they cover most of the walls. The paint work is just around the top of the walls. The tiles are in desperate need of a re-grout so that will also need to be done.

I have seen a gorgeous geometric shower curtain in pink and grey , I am on the lookout for some pink and grey accessories too. Some pretty storage baskets and toothbrush holders , soap dispensers would be great.

I have been browsing online and come across some amazing bathroom design supplies at Bathroom city. They have a great range of vanity units in all shapes and sizes. I have fallen in love with some of the around sink ones and wall hung units.

I think all of the finishing touches and accessories really make a huge difference to a room. Things like rugs , prints and ornaments. I can’t wait to get started on this room , the house is slowly coming along as we want it.

I love taking on home décor projects and doing things step by step , it really does give a sense of achievement when the job is done. I also love having free rein with the décor and design plans.

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