Summer is here, and it’s finally the time of year when we get to enjoy our gardens the most. Whether it’s tending to your flowers, playing games with the family, or relaxing in your favorite outdoor spot, there is nothing better than spending time in your garden.

As you are going to be outdoors so much during the summer months it is important to make sure your lawn is perfect and that you are making the most out of your outdoor space. It’s the perfect place to host BBQ’s, have garden parties, sunbath or even play a game or two, but you can’t enjoy any of that if your lawn is a mess. With temperatures soaring it’s important to make sure your garden is looking after to ensure your lawn stays healthy throughout the season. I’ve teamed up with Greensleeves, experts in lawn care, to give you some top tips to look after your lawn this summer.

Summer Gardening Advice

Mow Regularly

It is recommended that you mow your lawn at least twice a week to ensure it stays healthy. Although you want to mow the lawn often, you should allow the grass to grow a little longer than normal to help reduce the stress on your lawn. To do this, simply amend the mower blade setting a little higher. If there are particularly long periods of time without any rain then you should change your schedule to mowing once a week. A top tip is to leave the grass clippings on the lawn after it has been mowed every once in a while. This acts as mulch and helps to conserve moisture in your lawn.

Feed and Condition

To make sure your lawn stays green and healthy all summer long, it is important to give it some well deserved TLC in the form of feeding and conditioning. All lawns need feeding in order to maintain strength and guarantee a healthy lawn that will deal with all the summer wear and tear. Greensleeves use top-quality products with ‘no scorch’ technology, combines with time-release granular that give a steady supply of nitrogen. This means that it will not produce super growth and instead provide a long-lasting, greening to your own. All of their treatments are safe to children, pets and plants and the best part is they do all the hard work for you!

Keep on Top of Weeds

Weeds will compete with grass for moisture, so it’s always best to remove any obvious weeds from your lawn. This is the same with any nutrients that are applied, so the sooner you can remove weeds the better. Weed control can be really tricky, though once you get on top of it and get rid of them as soon as they’re spotted it becomes a lot easier. 

Having a thriving green lawn is so important in the summer months. There is nothing worse than wanting to spend time outside and being surrounded by a messy lawn. Have your lawn ready all summer with these top tips for looking after your lawn!

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