It is always a scary concept traveling with little ones – Will you have thought of all those little things ? Will the accommodation be up to standard ? Will they cope with flying? All of these questions can have the positive answer you are looking for if you plan in advance and plan all details.

I have come up with a mini checklist of the main things you need to plan in advance –

Do your research 

Ensure that you research every inch of the type of accommodation you fancy. When it comes to accommodation is it a hotel where you have that security of hotel staff on hand 24/7 you want? Just in case anything was to go wrong or if you need help with anything.  A hotel can be good for keeping costs down too as you can opt for all-inclusive that will cover all of your meals and as many ice creams as the little ones want.

Or are you looking for villa holiday where you can stretch out and have more space in a home from home setting. The added extra is that you will have a private swimming pool too. The key for getting it right is to always do your research read all of the reviews and weigh up the pros and cons before you decide.

Ensure you are covered

It’s always nice to think that everything will go smoothly and with no problems.  It is always good to ensure that you are covered as a family with a good level of travel medial insurance.

There are different various levels of cover you can get to suit your family. You should always ensure you have the correct insurance and that your document are all up to date as medical treatment can be costly when visiting another country.

Plan for the flight 

Flying with little ones can be so stressful if you are not prepared. Some simple planning can make all the difference. Ensure that you have enough things to keep the little ones busy. Travel games are always a good one as they can play their favourite games and they can be packed away in the hand luggage.

Some sticker books and colouring books always make a good hour or so activity , even just a plain pad of paper with a pencil and some imagination. Tablets can also be a lifesaver packed with some of their favourite films and TV programmes.

The list could go on but these are the main things that should be taken in to consideration when traveling with little ones. As long as these things are covered then it should make for a stress and hassle free trip.

*Collaborative post


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