At one stage in your driving life you are bound to get that dreaded letter through the door saying that you have committed a traffic offence. Now this could be rightly so and oh yes you remember you were doing slightly more than 30 that day you were in a rush. Or on the other hand you could be adamant that you were not going faster than the limit or you did not go through that red light.

We recently had a letter through the door to inform us that James had gone through a red light. Straight away he said he didn’t recall this and it’s definitely something he would never do. Of course he was going to fight this as it was a one hundred pound fine and 3 penalty points om his licence.

James took the following steps to detest the offence – 

Step one 

James contacted the department email address on the letter as he wanted to see some photographic evidence. The department sent through the photos showing what had happened. James looked through the photos to tried to work out what had happened.

Step two  

James decided he definitely did not commit this traffic offence. Reason being there were three lanes left lane , straight ahead lane and the right lane. You could clearly see from the pictures that he was turning left but was in the straight ahead lane – taking a wide left. Of course this isn’t the best lane practice but shows he wasn’t going straight and through the red light as accused.

Step three 

James set to work writing a professional letter to the department addressed on the letter.  He included the pictures that were sent to him and drew a line from wheel to wheel  to show that he was going left and not straight ahead. He also pulled up his google history to show this and back up what he was saying.

Step four 

Sit and wait for a decision , this came  back pretty quickly within a few days. They decided that James was not guilty of the offence and completely let him off of the fine and penalty points.They did give him a telling off about the importance of lane discipline.

If you find yourself in a position of being accused of a traffic offence that you don’t think you were guilty of or wasn’t aware of the rules you should always question / or fight the decision. The DPP law website has loads of useful advice and information on this. They also offer many services and legal help support.

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