Christmas is fast approaching and it’s time to start that all important Christmas shopping whether that involves going to the shops or online. We have been sent some lovely bits for inclusion in this gift guide , both for girls and boys aged 3-6.

Sylvanian famlies 

Sylvanian famlies is always a huge hit in this house with both of mine , they love them. They were lucky enough to be handed down a huge collection from their Auntie. I love how classic they are , the quality and detail that goes in to them is amazing and they are built to last. We were sent two lovely items to add to our collection. These would make a perfect addition for any Sylvanian family or even a start foundation to build a collection.

Baby castle nursery 

The castle nursery is so cute it has little pink turrets and lots of little hiding areas for the little ones. There is a slide and a swing for the families to play on and seesaw you just have add the flower wheels to the bench to convert it. You can also buy and connect the Sunshine Nursery Bus and Baby Castle Playground. There are 26 pieces included in the box which is amazing. The nursery is priced at £29.99.

Marshmallow mouse family 

This is the cutest family and my favourte so far! You get four members of the family Daddy mouse , Mummy mouse and two little mice. I love the clothes and the detail on the mice too. This family is priced at £18.99.

Tomy greedy granny 

My two love nothing more than playing board games and they have had their eye on greedy granny for a while. The game is for 2-4 players and suitable from age 5 plus. The aim of the game is to take it in turns trying to sneak biscuits from Granny’s tray as she has them all – but you need to do this as carefully and quietly as you can. One wrong move and you will risk waking granny.  I think my two will have hours of fun playing this on Christmas day and it will be a perfect addition to our boar game collection. The game is priced at £19.99. 

 Cry Babies Magic Tears

Frankie is really in to surprise element toys at the moment , aren’t all 3 year olds – there is so much choice out there to cater for this. I love these Cry Babies Magic Tears toys as they are a perfect stocking filler.

You get to unbox the mystery bottle house which contains a little Cry Babies Magic Tears by IMC  that comes with 6 accessories: a bottle, a bow, a dummy, a chair, and 2 accessories unique to each doll! You then open the final part to see if you have any surprise golden accessories which are only in a few bottle houses. You then have to fill the bottle with water to feed your Magic Tears and they cry real tears when you squeeze their bellies. Each doll is priced at £9.99.

Trends discovery illuminated globe 

Archie is really interested in the world and leaning about the planets , so I just know he is going to love the Trends Discovery Nightlight Illuminated Globe. I love that is a two in one nightlight and learning tool too. The global map has a 20cm diameter on a traditional stand. It is a battery operated light and rotates. The map shows the countries in colour blocks, names seas / oceans and capital cities which is fab for STEM. 

I know this is going to be a fab addition to Archie’s learning materials and something that is timeless and will still be used in years to come.

Unicorn fairy garden 

Frankie absolutely loves unicorns and fairy gardens , we have had a go at making one in our garden. The unicorn my fairy garden comes with all you need to create your own. The pack comes with fairy, a unicorn figurine, grass seeds, fairy dust, a wishing well and loads more little bits to make it magical. The kit is suitable for age 3+ years. 

The full contents are – 

  • Unicorn Garden bowl, Fairy Belle figurine, Unicorn figurine and Mouse figurine
  • Wishing well with working acorn bucket, arbour, bunting, coloured gravel and mushroom
  • Flowers, fairy dust, packet of grass seeds and a 8-page colour illustrated activity booklet. The kit is priced at £19.99.

One Dear World dolls 

One dear world are a multicultural family run business based in London.  Winnie was born and bred in Hong Kong and Rafael is half French half Greek. Being born and raised in different culture gave them first hand cross-cultural experience. They believe that a lot of conflicts can be avoided if we have a better understanding of our differences and work together to find a common ground.

Winnie and Rafael have a little boy called Alex , when he was a baby Winnie tried to find him an African rag doll and discovered that the choices were really limited. She was inspired to make changes in the toy market and so created a collection of multicultural dolls and storybook that allow different children to be represented in toys & books and allow parents to introduce diversity to children from an early age. There are many different dolls and accessories to choose from on the website , the dolls individually start at £20.00.

L.O.L Surprise Dolls

Frankie has just got in to L.O.L surprise dolls as I said before she loves the surprise element of it. The L.O.L dolls series is just fab for this. We were sent a lovely selection including the L.O.L. Surprise! Eye Spy Series UnderWraps which includes 15 Surprises you find surprise clues with the spy glass you have to feed or bathe doll to discover water surprises. These are fab as the capsule becomes carrying case and doll stand it and they also include a collector’s poster. The UnderWraps are priced at £14.99.

We were also sent some L.O.L surprise pets which include 7 surprises in each. As you unbox each layer a new surprise in revealed. L. O. L. Surprise! Pets includes puppies, kitties, bunnies and hamsters. You can feed the pets with the water bottle or bathe them to find out if they cry, spit, tinkle, or colour change! There are 36 plus to collect. The are priced at £9.99. 

Num Noms

Num Noms are collectible scented characters , they also come in the form of lip glosses and nail varnishes. Frankie had some Num Noms for her birthday and both her and Archie loved them. They are great and come in the form of larger gifts or stocking fillers. We were sent a lovely variety including a deluxe pack , a light surprise jar and some lip glosses. They range in price from £3.99 to £16.99.

Tiny tears classic doll 

Frankie loves her dollies and they are always top of the list at Christmas and birthdays. When was little I always had Tiny Tears , Frankie actually still has my original Tiny Tears doll which is still getting loads of use and still works! The dolls are built to last and fantastic quality , I hope Frankie will keep this one for her children.

We were sent the Classic Tiny Tears doll , the doll is just like a real baby. If you give the doll a drink in the bottle provided she will soon have to get her nappy changed. The doll is 40cm and comes with a potty, bottle, dummy, hairbrush and pull-up knickers. The doll is from 3 years old and priced at £24.99.

Hallmark Itty Bitty’s

Itty Bitty’s are so cute if you are looking for a cute little cuddly toy for toddlers or older pre schoolers etc and even adults ! They are great also for babies who just learning to hold things as they are shaped for them to hold on to. We have quite a few of the collections. We have been sent the new Winnie the Pooh range and it is just the cutest.

There is so much choice and something for all tastes including Disney , star wars , marvel , DC comics , Flintstones and many more. They retail at around £6.00 each so also make a fab stocking filler.

Chipmunks slippers 

We are huge fans of Chipmunks shoes so we were really pleased to receive a pair of slippers each for Archie and Frankie to feature here. They have so many designs including dinos , unicorns , sharks and bunnies. We went for the Olive owl design for Frankie and they are so cute.

I love the design and the quality is fantastic they really are built to last , I love the fact that they have hard bottom sturdy soles too. We went for the Sharky shark design for Archie which are equally as fabulous. These are perfect for Christmas eve box additions or just Christmas gifts.


Opposuits are a fab online shop that sell fun and quirky suits for men , women and children. They have a massive range of bright , funky colours including Christmas suits. We were sent the Santaboss suit for Archie. He really does love it and can’t wait to wear it over the festive period.

The suit includes a jacket , trousers and a clip on tie. The quality is fantastic and it feels like a real tailored suit. We went for the age 4 years for Archie which was perfect for him. The delivery was super quick and you can even get next day if you want an outfit in a hurry , we are so tempted to get James the matching suit. This is going to be a huge hit for Archie when we go and visit family over Christmas. The suit was priced at £44.95.

RSBP Guess Who 

Archie and Frankie love Guess Who so when we were sent an RSPB Guess Who I just knew they would love this twist on a classic board game. This special RSPB edition of Guess Who features a range of British wildlife, including well know birds , mammals and insects. I love this as it will really help them to learn about wildlife and the different species out there. The game is priced at £19.99 and available from their site.

Minion Electric toothbrush

Colgate have a fab range of electric toothbrushes for the little ones. They have a variety of designs including Minions , Barbie and Spiderman. I love how they make tooth brushing fun for little ones and encourage them to brush with their favourite characters. They even have the matching toothpaste , these are fab for a stocking filler especially with all the chocolate over Christmas.

Strictly Briks – The original Brik buster 

We love bricks and Lego here and by we I mean all of us ! The original Brik buster is a fab game to play as a family. It is a unique tower toppling game which involves building as many briks as you can before the tower crashes down. The object of the game is to take it in turns to bust them out.

There are 133 stackable pieces that can create 5 stories of towers. The game can be played alone of as a group which is fab , I love how it promotes creativity. The Brik’s are also compatible with Lego and Duplo etc. The set is priced at £26.99 and can be bought from Amazon.

Mini Hornet bike helmets

Mini Hornet bike helmets are fab for any little ones who may already have a bike or are having a bike for Christmas. They come in loads of fun colours and designs. They are fully adjustable and surprisingly. I love the fun designs as it encourages the little ones to wear it , as it can be a struggle at times getting them to put the helmet on. I also loved the integrated LED which is an added safety feature, this is so good for riding home after school in winter.

*We were sent all of the items above for the purpose of this feature. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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